Work In Progress: Embroidered Lovebirds

Lovebirds 1

Using my Aqua-Trickmaster water soluble pen, I drew out the design I’d decided upon, as I was getting a bit ‘twitchy’ and needed an immediate project to work on this weekend (not that I don’t have more important things that need doing.) The cotton fabric was then stretched on an embroidery hoop.

Lovebirds 2

I then ‘outlined’ the area I wished to fill in with the embroidery silks using a running stitch, then went back on myself, filling in the gaps. I find embroidery silk can be very expensive and recently the Works has started selling embroidery silks as well as other great priced craft equipment.

Lovebirds 3Using a ‘long-stitch’ or a rather scruffy ‘satin stitch’, I begun to fill in the areas of the bird, trying to make it appear quite feather like.

Lovebirds 4This is as far as I’ve got to tonight with my little ‘Lovebirds’, but I am looking forward to continuing with them this coming week. (Though I do have a workshop about hand sewing leather, small accessories inspired by nature, that needs planning for Wednesday! )Once the lovebirds have been finished, I hope to frame and have the picture available for the Ouseburn Open Studios in November.



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