Rupert Brooke, work in progress, stitched portrait

Rupert Brooke 1

Stage 1 of the Rupert Brooke portrait.

I have started working on what I hope will turn into quite a big project. I intend to make a series of portraits of World War I poets, using fabric and stitching to create the images.

I started this one of Rupert Brooke, a couple of days ago, using hand and machine stitch and so far, tea bags to create the right ‘tone’. I feel the image should be in sepia, as many photographs were. The poetry of Rupert Brooke has always meant a lot to me, so he seemed the right poet to start with.

Over the next week or so, I hope to add hand stitched lines of poetry to the piece as well as images of hollyhocks and lilacs, to symbolise elements in his poetry. The map behind, represents how he enjoyed travelling before the start of World War I and the fact that the ‘dust’ of many English men, was scattered across the World during the war.


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