Rupert Brooke portrait, work in progress, hand stitching (3)

Rupert Brooke detail 1                               Rupert Brooke detail 2

Details of the hand sewn flowers on the portrait, including hollyhocks, hibiscus, lilacs and olive leaves. Once I have finished hand sewing the details, I will then decide whether to paint a gentle wash over the colours in the flowers, leaves and maps in the background.

One of plans I have to finish this portrait of Rupert Brooke, is to hand sew one of his love poems, which are often reflective about love lost, on his tie. Ties are often seen as phallic symbols, symbols of male dominance but, reading his poems, I feel Rupert was not the dominant person in his relationships.

Rupert Brooke 4

Showing the stages of how this Rupert Brooke portrait is worked.

There is probably about another weeks work on this piece and I shall continue blogging about it’s slow, gentle progression.  I have started to plan it’s companion piece, which will be a portrait of Wilfred Owen, a First World War poet who came from Shropshire and died near the end of the war aged only 25.



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