Mini ObsesivCreativ’s birthday present

Kitty's Fox cushionToday, my middle daughter, aged 9, decided that she needed to make a present for her friend whose party it was this afternoon. So, within and hour, she had chosen a pre-made cushion to decorate, a design silhouette she wished to cut out, I ironed on the Bondaweb which we had bought at 1st for Fabrics, in Newcastle, to the chosen fox fabric, cut out the stencil, then ironed it onto said cushion. She then finished her fox with a running stitch, which technically isn’t needed but does give her cushion a finished look. We did give it another good iron before it was then wrapped for the party. Hopefully her friend will love it!

We are beginning to realise that our middle daughter is even more obsessive than I am when she gets an idea into her head. So, I feel it is time that she and her sisters have their own section in this blog, which I shall call Mini ObsesivCreativ!



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