Mini ObsesivCreativ’s Halloween Hama bead decorations

Halloween Mini OC 1While I was busy working this weekend running workshops, my three daughters have been busy making these fab Hama bead Halloween decorations. The plan had been that, as they’d had a very busy at school this half-term, they were to have a relaxing few days ‘chilling’ at home. Chilling obviously means ‘making’!

Halloween mini OC 2 Halloween mini OC 3


About obsesivcreativ

I am a freelance textile artist working with and teaching traditional textile techniques including hooky and proggy matting, patchwork and quilting, batik, embroidery, spinning, knitting and crochet. I work with schools, community groups, museums and galleries creating mad and wonderful things such as Egyptian mummies, story-telling tents, rainforest maps and even coffins...
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12 Responses to Mini ObsesivCreativ’s Halloween Hama bead decorations

  1. Our relaxation often means crafting as well. My Daughter made something similar over the weekend.


  2. rkvcrafts says:

    WOW! They are amazing and spooky.


  3. Polo says:

    Awww, they’re awesome. 🙂


  4. Maria says:


    Last week I got like 3 jam jars full of these beads, by someone who stopped using them. I’m having fun like a four-year-old 🙂 A star template came with it, too, and now I’m playing around – testing pattern layouts for hexagon quilts (one bead = one hexie), while at the same time creating winter decoration for our windows 🙂

    Talking about obsessive… 😉


  5. Maria says:

    🙂 🙂
    I live in southern Greece, and although we get snow on the mountains, down here it’s more like a first spring after the summer drought.

    Usually Christmas takes us a bit by surprise – maybe some snowflakes on the windows help as a reminder?

    Thanks for following my blog – I hope you enjoy it!


    • Sounds lovely! Must admit, I don’t like it when Christmas creeps up on me too quickly – I always have this dream that the house, decorations etc will be picture perfect! – Never are! I’m sure snowflakes on the window in Greece will look fab! Your blog looks great!


      • Maria says:

        Thank you 🙂 🙂

        Re “picture perfect” – I think I know what you mean. I have that dream, too, but somehow I guess it’s not important enough in comparison to other things, like crafts, else I would invest more time. As it is, I tackle a corner per week, make it pretty and try to keep up with the rest.

        Special motivation helps me, too, for instance I’m now thinking of taking a photograph of a window with the beady snowflakes – which means I’ve got to wash the window, and when I’m at it, I might as well do another one 😉


      • Mmm! I wish I could motivate myself into tidiness! Sounds like you have a good plan! Making certainly does get in the way!


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