Lino prints

I had a great trip down to our local Oxfam today and bought loads of old books, maps and sheet music to print on. My husband will be very upset when he sees what I have done to a lovely old map of North West Africa. But, I did save a beautiful map of Scotland for him to look at, though I couldn’t tell you how long it will survive!

Lino print 'I Love Maps'

Lino print ‘I Love Maps’

Lino print 'I Love Travel'

Lino print ‘I Love Travel’









I love the way the lino print ‘feels’ the creases of the old map, so you can’t get a ‘perfect’ print. The idea to use the maps and the music papers have stemmed from my original prints for local place names in Tyne and Wear, which I had been wanting to print for Open Studios such as: Heaton, Ouseburn, Byker as well as much loved pubs in the area.

Lino print 'I Love Guitar Music'

Lino print ‘I Love Guitar Music’

Lino print 'I Love Heaton'

Lino print ‘I Love Heaton’


The lettering is a bit quirky and, shall we say, unsteady. But it’s all hand made fun!

Again, these are all to be mounted and framed when I’ve decided on the best prints.


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