Anytime. Anywhere. Socks!

Knitting the toe

Knitting the toe

The great thing about knitting socks is that you can take them anywhere and knit anytime! I have a lovely little handbag a friend gave me, which is just big enough to fit one ball of wool, four sock needles, my pattern (which I probably don’t need), a wool needle and a tape measure. So, whenever I know I may be sitting down for short or long periods of time, the bag gets picked up as I walk out the house.

This photo was taken yesterday whilst my eldest daughter was having her bassoon lessons at the Sage, Gateshead. I did get to finish the first sock and now I’m half way down the second. There’s a slim chance I may now get them finished for Christmas and they could be a present to myself – which would be novel! Generally, they are given to friends and family. But, I do love the fact that some of the socks can take up to six months to make with a little bit knitted at a child’s party, some knitted at swimming lessons, slightly more knitted on long car journeys.


About obsesivcreativ

I am a freelance textile artist working with and teaching traditional textile techniques including hooky and proggy matting, patchwork and quilting, batik, embroidery, spinning, knitting and crochet. I work with schools, community groups, museums and galleries creating mad and wonderful things such as Egyptian mummies, story-telling tents, rainforest maps and even coffins...
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