Sssshhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! Mini OC at work making Christmas presents!

My middle daughter, who’s 9, has been exceedingly busy over the last week or so making her sisters their Christmas presents.

Meet Francesca Fox and Molly Pup! After looking for inspiration on Pinterest, she drew out her patterns, cut out the velvet which she had chosen, then machined the bodies up, stuffed and decorated. Might I add – this has all been done by her – the only instruction I gave her was a quick refresher on the sewing machine. Proud, is putting it mildly! Her sister’s will be absolutely delighted when they open their presents on Christmas Day.

Francesca Fox and Molly Pup

Francesca Fox and Molly Pup

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to photograph the gorgeous Christmas Cards she had also made her sisters using vintage children’s annuals and cutting out shapes for Christmas Trees, Santa Claus etc. She had been flicking through copies of my old craft magazines and I think she had spotted some inspiring articles! I will try and remember to photograph them on Christmas Day and blog them!


About obsesivcreativ

I am a freelance textile artist working with and teaching traditional textile techniques including hooky and proggy matting, patchwork and quilting, batik, embroidery, spinning, knitting and crochet. I work with schools, community groups, museums and galleries creating mad and wonderful things such as Egyptian mummies, story-telling tents, rainforest maps and even coffins...
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5 Responses to Sssshhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! Mini OC at work making Christmas presents!

  1. Maria says:

    okay i won’t… They’re lovely! 🙂

    By the way, do you perhaps know why foxes are so in this year??


    • Hi Maria! Thanks for that!! Mum’s the word – as they say!! Nit sure why foxes are ‘in’ but it’s lovely that people enjoy the natural world with so much high tech about! 😉


      • Mmm… Didn’t mean to put ‘nit’ – should check my spelling before I press send!!


      • Maria says:

        Yes, sure is!
        Forgot to say earlier: amazing what your 9-year-old can do! Kudos to you 🙂

        My mother was an arts & crafts teacher and my grandmothers were very skilled at needlework, but they all struggled to get me interested in anything textile or – beware – “feminine”…

        When I was 14, we inherited an old Singer sewing machine from about 1900 which I took apart, oiled and cleaned and put together again. Then my mother gave me her 1960’s electrical Borletti which I also took apart, oiled and cleaned and put together again. Then she asked me if I wouldn’t like to learn how to sew. I asked “Why”? …


  2. Haha!! Great story! Does so you how the mind works! I think No2, has kind of learnt through osmosis! I also had my Mum and both my Nans teaching me. And learnt on a treadle and hand singer. Even if you preferred to take apart and rebuild the machines, you still have lovely memories which I think many young people don’t always get to make with older members of the family so much nowadays.

    Yes, my 9yr old amazes me too. Although, the plan is to be a palaeontologist, she’ll be a mean crafter, too! 😉


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