Crocheted and hand made Christmas decorations

It makes such a difference to getting in the Christmas mood once the tree goes up, which we did this weekend. I’m afraid it is a fake tree, but seeing as we bought it over 10 years ago and still using it, I’m happy about that! Over the years, I have made lots of the Christmas decorations and it was nice to see them come out again.

Crocheted Christmas decorations

Crocheted Christmas decorations

Both of the wool decorations in the picture above have been crocheted using pure wool, then machine shrunk, beaded and stitched. You can also see in the foreground a crocheted chain, which I used to love making in paper when I was young.

Scrap leather tree decoration

Scrap leather tree decoration

This lovely heart decoration is made using leather offcuts and ribbons. This style has always proved popular when sold at the November Open Studios events at the Biscuit Factory.

This years OC's Christmas card!

This years OC’s Christmas card!

Mince Pies, mmmm, my favourite! It was decided that this years lino cut for our Christmas Card would be of the lovely mince pie – which I’m afraid, once the box is open, I can’t stop eating!!

Finally, I am beginning to feel festive and the clock is ticking. As I am sure so many of you have also put yourselves under the same pressure, it’s not a time for cleaning and tidying the house for visitors – it’s a time to finish off all those presents you had planned to make!!


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