February Stash Buster Challenge!

I’d noticed all over the internet there seems to be lots of Stash Buster Challenges going on and I think in February, there is a big event on Tumblr. Now, I’m not on Tumblr – don’t know if I should be – but the girls and I decided that we will do our own anyway…

Now, the point of the exercise is to only make something with wool (or fabric etc) that you’ve had hanging around in your ‘stash’ for over a year. So, yesterday, we took a trip to the studio to have a good root around to see what wool I had which had been there for sometime. My middle daughter found the colourful acrylic wool that I always have about and she has decided she is going to make a stripy snake using a circular, knitting loom. My eldest daughter also fancied using one of the knitting looms and has started making a hat out of some chunky wool. My youngest daughter has decided that she’s stash busting the Hama beads and is making lots of lovely pictures!

I found a pack of lovely wool I bought possibly five years ago with no plan on what I was going to use it for, except that I liked the wool! The wool is Click by Sirdar in an amazing multitude of colours. I decided that I fancied making a tank top in it and although I KNOW somewhere I have a pattern, I can’t put my hand to it at the moment. So, foolishly, I have decided to try and make my own using graph paper and the suggested tension measurements to help me! Time will tell if it works!

Sirdar 'Click' wool for Stash Busting!

Sirdar ‘Click’ wool for Stash Busting!

During February, hopefully, I’ll be able to update you on mine and my daughter’s progress with our making. Fingers crossed that we get our projects finish in time and – even better – maybe bust some more wool from the stash!!


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