Stash buster progress

On to my second ball!

On to my second ball!

Well, I love this wool!! I’ve never used Click by Sirdar before and I bought it many moons ago because it was colourful and a good price! But I would highly recommend it to knit with. I have a feeling it may have a tendency to bobble when wearing but there are devices to limit that.

As you can see, we also have a little bit of snow at the moment, which I do love.

Fabulous colours!

Fabulous colours!

The wool knits up on 5mm needles, so hopefully my tank top won’t take too much time to make and I might find more wool and projects for February’s Stash Buster Challenge.

My girls have currently been distracted by the Hama beads and are doing their own version of stash busting with them! They found the knitting looms rather ‘tight’ to work with, so I think the snake is now going to be hand knitted.

Stash busting Hama Beads!

Stash busting Hama Beads!

I finished working on my ‘Portrait of a Green Man’ last night, so I’m hoping to get him photographed tomorrow which I’ll upload as soon as I can. He’s been a very intense embroidery project but great fun.

One last picture of knitting and snow!

Stash busting birds!

Stash busting birds!


6 thoughts on “Stash buster progress

    • obsesivcreativ says:

      Hopefully in the next day or so, just need to get him stretched out on a board and the lighting to be right to photograph- the lighting was great today but I was running a jewellery workshop. Been catching a lot of your fab embroideries on Facebook and sharing them – hope you don’t mind.

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