For Sale at Sage Gateshead!

I had a very exciting meeting at the Sage Gateshead this week. Sage Gateshead is a very prestigious concert venue and music education centre – apparently it’s concert hall is ranked in the top five concert halls in the World. And they have decided to sell my ‘heart’ music lino-prints in their shop, which I were already up on display in their shop today when I popped down with my eldest daughter who is also learning the bassoon there.

'Heart' Classical, linoprint

‘Heart’ Classical, linoprint

Classical linoprint, detail.

Classical linoprint, detail.

As they also have lots of different types of music being performed at the Sage, I am able to have fun with the different musical themes I choose to print. Shortly, there is to be a big Jazz Festival and in the Summer, Americana Music Festival and as I ensure that all of the sheet music lino prints, are printed on vintage music paper, which has been carefully selected to be appropriate to the instrument or genre of music, I’m going to have great fun sourcing the music scores!

'Love You', printed on Whitney Housten's song, written by Dolly Parton - 'I Will Always Love You'.

‘Love You’, printed on Whitney Housten’s song, written by Dolly Parton – ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Plus, for all the people – like myself – who go to the Sage to learn instruments:

'Ukulele' lino print.

‘Ukulele’ lino print.

Lino print 'I Love Guitar Music'

Lino print ‘I Love Guitar Music’

So, with Valentine’s Day and some large events being held at the Sage, I am looking forward to making lots of new prints to be on sale there!

Lino prints for sale at the Sage Gateshead.

Lino prints for sale at the Sage Gateshead.


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I am a freelance textile artist working with and teaching traditional textile techniques including hooky and proggy matting, patchwork and quilting, batik, embroidery, spinning, knitting and crochet. I work with schools, community groups, museums and galleries creating mad and wonderful things such as Egyptian mummies, story-telling tents, rainforest maps and even coffins...
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  1. Stitch Boom Bang says:

    These are great!


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