My Knitted Block For The Blanket for Peace Project

Kit’s piece for the Peace Blanket has now arrived in Newcastle and we feel very proud that she has decided to be a part of this project. The symbolism within is very poignant.

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My contribution to the “All We Are Saying…” Blanket for Peace project is finished and in the mail. My goal of making it in July so I could mail it in August mostly worked out. I had to make the block twice, because the first one was too big, and the pattern I designed took some experimentation (more about that next week). I mailed it on August 24th instead of August 1st, and hope that despite the delay and the international postal system, it will still arrive before the deadline (the end of September).

One World, designed and knit by Kit Dusnmore for the Blanket of Peace.One World, designed and knit by Kit Dunsmore for the Blanket for Peace.

My block is called One World. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to achieve peace of any kind. The first step is to emphasize our similarities instead of focusing on our differences. Since one thing we all share…

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2 thoughts on “My Knitted Block For The Blanket for Peace Project

    • obsesivcreativ says:

      Yes, thank you Kit, it seemed very swift. I am also going to do a small display of about 9 of the squares we have received so far, to encourage visitors to the exhibition which opens on Friday to also have a go – so yours will be there! Will send you a photo x

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